Dry Skin

Dry Skin Type

  • Does your face feel like sandpaper? Do you prefer a heavy moisturizer for dry skin? Is your skin dull and sallow? Do bar soaps make your skin itchy? Then you probably are a Dry Baumann Skin Type®. Not all dry skin types are the same so it is best to ...

    2021-05-21 | Leslie Baumann MD

Dry Skin

  • Dry Skin Dry skin is caused by a defect in the skin barrier. This means that tiny holes are in the skin that allow water to evaporate off the skin’s surface- leading to dehydrated skin. The goal is to patch those holes in the skin using a combination of important ...

    2021-03-12 | Leslie Baumann MD

What is Ashy Skin?

  • If you are with a dark brown or black skin color and you feel that sometimes your skin looks a bit gray, then you may have something that dermatologists refer to as ‘ashy skin’.   Ashy skin is common in darker skin types, and is a result of dry skin. Dry skin leads to a build-up of dead skin cells on the stratum corneum (the outer layer of the skin) causing the skin to look gray in color.   Thankfully, getting rid of ashy skin on the face and body is easily achievable at home with a personalized skin care routine. Read on for our expert dermatologist tips on how to get rid of, and prevent, ashy skin. To read more about “What causes skin color? ” click here.

    2021-04-08 | Leslie Baumann MD

Skin Care for Dry Skin on Face

  • Skin Care for Dry Skin on Face Dry skin is caused by a defect in the skin barrier that leads to dehydration. The best skin care routine for dry skin should include a dry skin cleanser and a barrier repair moisturizer. Repairing the skin barrier solves the underlying problem that ...

    2021-01-07 | Leslie Baumann MD

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